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Compact Rotary Atomizer Technology with Three Colour / Triple Purge Capabilities

The Ransburg Aerobell 268 is a high speed electrostatic bell rotary atomiser. The Aerobell 268 builds on the performance and reliability of the Aerobell family of products but also offers three colour / triple purge functionality.

Ransburg Aerobell 268 Compact Electrostatic Rotary Atomiser - Carlisle Fluid Technology
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  • Multiple shape-air configurations:
  • DualFlex 65mm technology offers patterns from 3 – 11” (77 – 280mm),
  • MonoFlex 65mm technology offers 8-24” (204 – 609mm) patterns
  • 30mm Dual Shaper air offers patterns from 8 – 15” (204 – 381mm)
  • Integrated solvent / air valves for fluid passage cleaning
  • Field repairable turbine
  • Reliable Fibre-optic transmission of rotary speed provides optimum operational control.
  • 3 paint option; primer, base and clear loaded and dump
  • Various fluid tip diameters allows control of material from the centre feed tube to the bell cup
  • External / Internal bell cup wash
  • Atex approved

Although a little larger than the Aerobell 168, The Aerobell 268 includes a newly developed and multi-configurable manifold which gives integrated fluid control for up to three individual colours (triple purge configuration).  When used with the Ransburg 9060 HV power supply the system is fully AATEX compliant and offers control either locally or remotely by PLC or other automated production software.

Whether you are mounting your applicator on a non-hollow robot arm, reciprocating machine or stationary mount, the Aerobell 268 offers the flexibility of multiple mounting options making them ideal for retrofit applications.  The applicator offers flexible speed sensing capability and magnetic and light sensing for speed reading and control.

The Aerobell 268 is designed with 30mm dual shaper air, 65mm MonoFlex or DualFlex configurations to provide optimal pattern control.  The advanced bell cup technology maximizes coating performance and penetration, providing superior material atomization.  The bell-cups are constructed from electroless nickel coated aluminium or titanium for long life, durability and superior material atomization so as to give the highest quality surface finish.

Ransburg has the experience and technology for any application, from small complex geometries with deep recesses to large area panels.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Ransburg Aerobell 268_fr

Weight 3.9kg
Fluid Delivery 500ml/min
Turbine Speed 60,000rpm
Bell Cups 15mm, 30mm & 65mm
Charge Direct and Indirect
Power Supply 9060 HV1 or 9060 LV1 with remote Cascade


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For use on the materials below:

  • Métal
  • Bois
  • Plastique
  • Céramique
  • Autres supports
  • Apprêt
  • Couche de base
  • Vernis


  • Avions et aérospatiale
  • Machines agricoles et de construction
  • OEM et fournisseurs de rang 1 & 2
  • Défense et équipements militaires
  • Appareils électroménagers et électroniques
  • Barils & cuves
  • Industrie générale
  • Verre
  • Caravanes et camping-cars
  • Bois


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Ransburg Aerobell 268

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