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Ransburg Vector R90 Cascade Low Pressure Electrostatic Hand Gun

Ransburg Vector Cascade manual gun has taken electrostatic spray guns to a new level.

The Ransburg Vector R90 electrostatic spray gun is designed to apply solvent based coatings with extremely high transfer efficiency.

Ransburg Vector R90 - Carlisle Fluid Technology
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How exactly did Ransburg make the Vector Cascade Gun even better? By listening to our customers; We reduced the gun's weight, increased durability, lightened the trigger pull, improved the finish and transfer efficiency and simplified the controls.

Ransburg reduced the gun weight by a massive 24% which greatly improves operator comfort and reduces fatigue, which adds up to improved productivity and job satisfaction. Vector guns options are available for both waterborne or solvent based paints.

  • Conventional air spray
  • Reduced overspray - High transfer efficiency
  • Modular design - Easy maintenance
  • Highly manoeuvrable - Light trigger pull
  • Operator friendly - Controls on the gun
  • Rugged construction for durability 85kV sprays most types of fluid
  • Triple voltage set point adjustment and voltage on/off on the gun
Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Ransburg Vector R90 Cascade Low Pressure Electrostatic Hand Gun

Length: 270 mm Tip Voltage: 85 kV
Weight: 735 g Current: 100 μA (max)
Operating pressure air: 7,0 bar (max) Fluid delivery: 1000 ml/min (max)
Operating pressure fluid: 7,0 bar (max) Atomization: Conventional Air
Fluid temperature: 65°C (max)  


Ransburg Vector Flyer - finishing Brands

Ransburg Vector Flyer

Sales Literature for Ransburg Vector Electrostatic Gun Range

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Ransburg Vector Range R90 Cascade Service Bulletin - finishing Brands

Ransburg Vector Range R90 Cascade Service Bulletin

Instruction Manual for Ransburg Vector R70 Cascade Electrostatic Spray Gun

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General Product Catalogue - finishing Brands

General Product Catalogue

Catalogue highlighting Binks, DeVilbiss, Ransburg and MS Finishing Products

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For use on the materials below:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Other Substrates
  • Primer
  • Base Coat
  • Clear Coat


  • Aircraft & Aerospace
  • Agricultural & Construction Machinery
  • Defence & Military
  • Domestic Appliances & Electronics
  • Drums & Containers
  • General Industry
  • Leisure, Caravans & RV's
  • Rail, Truck & Bus
  • Trade Coaters, Stove Enamellers
  • Wood


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Part Numbers

Part Numbers

Vector Cascade R90

Part No Description
79500-12202 VECTOR R90 Cascade, solvent, 85kV with 10m cable and control unit
79500-22202 VECTOR R90 Cascade, solvent, 85kV with 15m cable and control unit
79523-12102 VECTOR R90 Cascade, water-based, 85kV with 10m cable, control unit and 10m isolated material hose package
79523-22302 VECTOR R90 Cascade, water-based paint, 85kV with 15m cable, control unit and 15m isolated material hose package