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DeVilbiss ProAir Air Filter Regulators

The DeVilbiss Pro Air range of air filter regulators and coalescers are manufactured using super resistant technopolymer materials used in the construction of the filter bodies ensuring total solvent resistance.

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MS Topcoater Fluid Powder Coating System

The new generation MS topcoater® Fluid system has been developed for industrial powder coat, contract coating and production operator applications.

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DeVilbiss Pro Air 2

High air flows for conventional and compliant spray guns.

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Binks 550 Airless Automatic Spray Gun

For spraying protective coatings such as lacquers, enamels, water based emulsions, mould release agents and sound deadeners.

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MS Topcoat M4 Manual Powder Coating Gun

The new MS topcoat® M4 manual powder gun offers uncompromising high performance and operational efficiency.

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MS Topcoater Speedy

Our newest range includes an advanced automatic gun and the lightest manual gun in its class.

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MS Topcoat A4 Powder Coating Gun

The new MS topcoat® A4 automatic powder gun offers uncompromising high performance and operational efficiency.

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Ransburg RansFlex RFQ and RFXQ Quick Fan Electrostatic Spray Gun

The RansFlex Quick Fan Adjust applicator, is an air atomising electrostatic applicator powered by an onboard generator that provides best in class atomisation in a lightweight, user friendly applicator.

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Electrostatic Spray

Binks F200 & F400 Flow-Guns

The Binks F200 & F400 are advanced light-weight, pistol grip flow-guns for the extrusion of sealants, mastics, putties and adhesives. The F200 is an ultra-light-weight gun for multiple applications up to 4,000 psi (275 Bar), while the high-pressure F400 is for applications using pressures of up to 6000 psi (414 Bar). The adaptable nozzle connection options, available on both guns, allows existing nozzle tools to fit onto the Binks guns.

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High Pressure Mastic / Sealant