Vince Catton to run in 2018 London Marathon

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At the end of this month, one of our Automotive Refinishing Technical Sales Representatives will be running in the 2018 London Marathon – 26.2 miles of sweat, strain, and determination.


Fifteen months ago, Vince Catton was in a very different place, namely the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. He had just suffered a heart attack, despite experiencing no previous health concerns. As luck had it, he happened to be near the hospital when it occurred. In a hallmark instance of “right place at the right time,” he was in and out of surgery within 2 hours, sustaining only minute heart damage. Due to his previous fitness level as well as the immediate surgery, Vince was able to return to work at Carlisle Fluid Technologies after only 4 months of recovery.


Following his heart attack, Vince began voluntary work with the British Heart Foundation, serving on a panel to talk about his experience and advise on literature, help, and support that the Foundation provides its members. It was there that he found out the British Heart Foundation sponsors a team of runners in the London Marathon each year, and asked to join the 2018 team. The Foundation’s support team provided Vince advice, training support, and comradery as he began to work towards his marathon goal.


“You’d be amazed what the human body can do,” explained Vince. “It’s about looking after your body, not picking up any injuries, and getting the hours on your feet.”


However, physical training is not the only prerequisite for a race this tough. Mental training has involved a step-by-step approach for Vince, starting with recovering from the trauma of the heart attack, determining the best training plan for him, and then focusing into the right mind-set to put in the practice miles towards his race preparation. Vince credits the British Heart Foundation’s support team for assisting him both physically and mentally along the way.


Vince has undergone rigorous physical and mental training to prepare for the marathon


On 22nd April, Vince will join over 50,000 other runners in the Marathon, setting off from Blackheath and finishing in The Mall at St. James’s Park. His wife and family, along with other friends, will cheer him on. To support the work of the British Heart Foundation, Vince has been raising money over the past few months and has raised over £3000. Carlisle Fluid Technologies is happy to have had the opportunity to back him in this way as well. Vince expressed his gratitude to CFT for supporting him during his recovery and training. “The company has been amazing and so supportive. Coming back as well – everyone’s been great,” he said.


When asked what he has learnt through this experience, Vince shared a reflective perspective, “Someone said to me something very interesting on a sales training once– that if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit. Running for me has become a bit of a habit. I didn’t think I would keep it up after the marathon, but I probably will. I’ve always wanted to do it, and if I can do it, anyone can.”


All of us here at Carlisle Fluid Technologies are proud to support Vince on his journey through recovery, and especially as he laces up his trainers on 22nd April.


To view and contribute to Vince's JustGiving fundraising for the British Heart Foundation, click here.