Yacht Painting and Leadership Development: CFT supports Rona Sailing Project

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The Rona Sailing Project has been established for over 65 years to provide sail training to young people in order to develop skills of leadership, responsibility, resourcefulness, and teamwork that will support them in their future. The Rona Trust is the oldest and most successful sail training organisation in the UK taking over 2500 young people to sea every year. A full-time team of four, along with over 400 volunteers, work to support a large and diverse group of young people from various social backgrounds, all coming together to provide an exceptional experience on the sea.


The "Donald Searle" in action before her refit and repaint


This year, the Rona Sailing Project underwent an extensive refit to their sail training vessel, the Donald Searle – a 75-foot ocean ketch with a capacity for 20 crewmen. The refit involved the fitting of new masts and rigging, along with a full repaint to superyacht finish in celebration of her 40th anniversary. According to Project leaders, this is one of the most extensive paint jobs the Project has ever undertaken, with complex coordination of supplies, resources, material, and expertise.


The hull of the "Donald Searle," demonstrating damage over the years of use


The "Donald Searle" undergoing repair work using filler prior to its repaint


Carlisle Fluid Technologies was proud to support the Project in this repaint initiative along with Tim Bannister at AkzoNobel. We were happy to contribute to the work in providing our DeVilbiss KBII pressure cups and CSpray manual spray gun, designed especially for the yacht and light marine market. The DeVilbiss KBII is designed to handle a wide variety of paints and coating materials and can even be used upside down in hard-to-reach areas – perfect for a yacht finishing project. For the Rona Sailing Project’s painting needs, the Cspray gun has been developed in cooperation with the leading marine paint companies to provide unrivalled spray performance with Critical Droplet atomisation Technology (CDT) DeVilbiss air caps. Both products have aided the massive repaint effort in offering marine-industry performance and efficiency.


Paint primer for the "Donald Searle" was applied using DeVilbiss KBII pressure cups and the Advance HD spray gun


The "Donald Searle" following her extensive repaint project - glossy and gleaming!


Following the completion of the refit, the Donald Searle will be launched on 1st March with her new rig fitted on 8th March. The vessel will then be recommissioned for use throughout the Rona Sailing Project and young people’s training voyages.


More information about the Rona Sailing Project can be found at: http://www.ronasailingproject.org.uk/