Carlisle Fluid Technologies Celebrates ASIS’ 20th Anniversary with a Golden Gift

20th_Anniversary_Celebration_1.png - Carlisle Fluid Technology


Carlisle Fluid Technologies were delighted to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of ASIS Automation Systems & Intelligent Solutions GmbH at their Open House event at the end of April.

ASIS invited global vendors to their two-day celebration in Landshut, Germany, where vendors enjoyed a banquet and festivities with major company stakeholders. CFT’s Director of Sales – EMEAI, David Smith, attended the event and presented CEO of ASIS, Hans-Jürgen Multhammer, with a gift.

CFT’s unique and memorable gift of a Golden Binks Maple Pump took our Bournemouth team several days to create. The team included UK Group Operations Manager EMEA John Otter, Jack Baker, Victor Prevost, Jason Knowles, and Adam Janes, along with the dispatch team, who packed it very carefully for delivery.

The golden pump was a challenge to build, as explained by Jack Baker, since it required more delicate handling than a typical pump to assemble. Jason Knowles noted that the mirror polishing on the pump took roughly a day and a half to perfect, being mindful of the pump’s intricate surface area. Although it was a difficult task, he expressed that mirror polishing is the most satisfying work for him to witness the final product.

The pump received much interest from the Bournemouth team and their colleagues, as this was the first Binks Maple pump ever to be gold-plated. Many commented on the bold impact of the pump and its exclusive look.


Dave Smith presents the Golden Binks Maple Pump to ASIS CEO Hans-Jürgen Multhammer


During ASIS’ 20th Anniversary celebration, attended by 45 key people in the global automotive market, Mr. Multhammer gave a speech about his company. In the speech, he switched from speaking in German to English to thank and recognise the CFT team for the Golden Pump. Mr. Multhammer and his team were amazed by the pump and could not believe it was real, and pledged to sell more Binks Maple pumps in the future.

Smith said of the event, “ASIS has been a key partner for CFT in the automotive industry and it is an honour to celebrate such an outstanding milestone with them. Our award of the first ever gold-plated Maple pump commemorates their tremendous achievement and their sales of Maple pumps over the past 8 years. We look forward to many more years of partnership with ASIS.”