BL Ehf experiences the colour-matching power of DV1 Basecoat

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BL Ehf Experiences the Colour-Matching Power of DV1 Basecoat

BL Ehf in Iceland was experiencing issues with matching 18L Namib orange on a Land Rover Discovery 5. The sprayer had tried three times to get the colour matching accepted, scanning and mixing again to check for a mistake at the first blending, but could not get the match accepted.

Frustrated and out of options, the sprayer brought in the DV1 Basecoat gun and mixed the paint exactly as before. The colour matched on the first try!

Reynir Örn, Paint Shop Department Head at BL Ehf, Reykjavik said, “The DV1 Basecoat spray gun from DeVilbiss really helped us succeed with this difficult paint job. Since then we have bought more DeVilbiss DV1 spray guns to our body shop to ensure we have equipment that makes colour matching easy even on tough colours.”

Now, the team is matching colours on their first effort with the groundbreaking precision of the DV1 Basecoat.

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