How to site up and control sub sites

Secondary site control

Primary Site

Carlisle FT Channels

There are several new parts to the system to allow for sub sites to be added and controlled. First and most important is a brand new section called "Carlisle FT Channels" where via the drop down you can select any channel to edit. If you wish to clone or create a new Channel please still use "Content".

Also now a very important function added to the new channel is the ability to group all language variations under the English original page. This is only required to make life easy and does not effect anything else at this stage. If you look at "Global Footer" you will see its done already. To organise this so the list is shown better organised go to:

  1. "Language organiser" in drop down under Carlisle FT Channels
  2. Choose channel in drop down on page
  3. Double click the "English" language version of the entry (must be English first) so it appears in list for "Relation Queue"
  4. Click in above list if you wish to remove from "Queue
  5. Click "Relate Entries in Queue"
  6. Its probably worth doing this for library items as well
  7. All entries are now organised

That is all that is required in the primary web site

Sub Sites

Log in as before for the sub site i.e.

If its a Brand new sub site set up by DSM when you log in go to:

  1. Carlisle FT Channels
  2. "Channel Entries Importer"
  3. Choose the channel you wish to import into the sub site
    1. If the languages have been correctly associated in the primary site the import will bring in all languages as well to the sub site
  4. All assets for that channel have now been imported into the sub site.
  5. You can edit this file as before.
  6. If a channel is changed in the Primary site the "Channel Entries Importer" will have a new button "Update". This can be clicked to update the entry
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Cookies / Market Switch

We have added now "Switches" so that you can choose the market you wish to see.

By clicking the main CFT logo at the top left of the page you can clear the switch (cookie).

Also by clicking the following buttons CFT staff can change the preference of what they are trying to see