Tell Us Your Idea

Want to let us know about your idea to improve our products? Have you identified a new market opportunity that requires product development and want to share it? This is the right place.

The Idea Creation Form is for internal Carlisle staff and is the official method for you to tell us about your idea. Use the link on this page to open and complete our online form.

What happens when I submit an idea?

  • Processing new ideas is a part of our Stage Gate 0 process (see image).
  • Your idea will be logged into a database monitored by Product Management & Marketing.
  • Within 2 days, your idea will be assigned to the appropriate global product manager.
  • Within another 7 days, your idea will be reviewed by the product manager, who will then contact you to discuss it further.
  • Your idea will be given a score based on a number of different factors. Every month, the Global Product Management Team meet to discuss proposed ideas.
  • The product manager will contact you again after one of these meetings to let you know if your idea has been accepted as one to move forward, will be looked at again in the future or has been declined.
  • Ideas that are accepted are prioritised and given to the Management Team for review and possible inclusion on the list of active R&D projects to be made into a reality.
Tell Us Your Idea