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Harold Ransburg developed the first electrostatic application system in 1940 with the introduction of the Ransburg No1. Further developments through the 50s and 60s lead to Ransburg achieving material transfer efficiency levels of up to 98% with significant reductions in overspray, resulting in dramatic cost savings and reduced VOC emissions. Today Ransburg's cutting edge technology has led to the development of rotary atomisers such bell and disc applicators.

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Product Focus

Ransburg is the acknowledged global leader in the design, and manufacture of manual and automatic electrostatic finishing products. They are leaders in spray finishing solutions to the key industrial and automobile manufacturing markets. Ransburg continues to refine its most efficient electrostatic spray painting technology, delivering a “Class A” finish to each and every customer’s product, whilst reducing VOC emissions and providing excellent atomisation and transfer efficiency.

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Electrostatic paint spraying employs charged particles to more efficiently paint the substrate. The positive charged paint particles are attracted towards the negatively charged object thus vastly improving the transfer efficiency of the coating process. Ransburg utilises this principle through its manual and automatic spray guns as well as its advanced range of robot and machine mounted rotary and disc applicators.

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Ransburg's most recent innovation, the Ransflex, has reinvented the manual electrostatic spray gun. They have created an applicator that operates by compressed air alone utilises an air driven alternator coupled to a high voltage cascade assembly that is used to generate the electrostatic charge internally, eliminating the need for an external power supply and cable.

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