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In 1890, Joseph Binks pioneered the spray gun industry with the introduction of the first cold-water paint spraying machine. Binks used his invention to rescue the opening of the 1896 Colombian Exposition. Just days before the opening, nine of ten exhibit buildings stood unpainted, but Binks saved the day. Today you will find spray finishing and paint circulating technology from Binks at work in virtually every industry around the world.

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Product Focus

Binks manufactures low and high pressure manual and automatic spray guns, accessories, airless and air assisted airless spray painting outfits; high and low pressure fluid handing pumps and regulators, pressure feed tanks, 2K electronic paint mixing machines and paint circulating systems for the industrial finishing and automobile manufacturing markets.

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Binks “cutting-edge” technology is found at the heart of every industry, where coating processes are utilized. The company pioneered the development and introduction of the world’s first “stand alone” HVLP spray guns and our digital control Smart Pump is the market leading system pump for paint spray lines at the world’s largest Automotive Manufacturers.

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DeVilbiss and Binks the globally acknowledged leaders in spray gun and air cap design, have pioneered and perfected paint atomisation technology innovations, to ensure the highest possible standards in paint application and finish. Our paint supply and circulating pumps are recognised as the benchmark by which all other pumps are measured.

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